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Considering a home in Wailea or Makena area?

You will find the most luxurious homes on the island in these two locations. Makena homes offer excellent privacy and space between homes and estates. A few select properties are oceanfront, or nestled in Maui’s youngest lava field. Wailea and Makena are both a very short drive from Kihei where you can find restaurants and shopping. If you do choose one of these two locations, you will enjoy a quiet and secluded home life.

Believe it or not, there is some vacant land availability in these very desirable locations. Some of the most valuable properties on the island can be found in both Wailea and Makena, making them excellent places to build new luxury homes and condos. Residents will enjoy a short drive to restaurants and shopping centers as well as beautiful nearby beaches and reefs.

As you peruse our detailed listings of Wailea and Makena condos, you will notice a few extremely rare reduced prices. Make no mistake that these two towns are the most sought after locations for luxury living on the island of Maui. Rising market prices on these properties is a safe bet, and with the current low property cost, it is an excellent time to buy one of these prime condos.

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