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Haiku is lush, tropical and breathtaking. The weather is warm but the trade winds bring cool breezes and light showers. Nestled at the lower reaches of Haleakala right along the majestic North Shore, the sights of the ocean and the mountain are incredible. The world-famous Peahi, also known as Jaws, is located on the Haiku shore. Its monstrous waves are among the largest in the world and when it breaks in the winter, countless onlookers and a few brave big wave surfers flock to the cliffs overlooking the water.

Haiku land is blanketed by a profusion of greenery and it is one of the most prolific places on the island for agriculture. Here, you’ll find everything from ranchland to bamboo and orchid farms.

Haiku real estate generally consists of homes both large and small on expansive parcels of land, sometimes including many acres. Haiku homeowners often pursue the goal of “getting off the grid” by harnessing solar power and other alternative energy sources or taking advantage of regular rainfall with water catchment systems.

While there is definitely a remote feel to Haiku, the necessities are not far away, and the area has its own shopping center including a grocery store, souvenir shops, boutiques, salons, and a pharmacy, to name just a few things. The neighboring towns of Makawao and Paia are located nearby as well, so there are plenty of things to do without the bother of a long drive. Popular activities in Haiku or nearby include horseback riding, surfing, biking, golf, and fishing.